Confronting Our Future - What Can I Do?

I ask myself this question often: What can I do to help solve the overwhelming problems of our time? I mean global warming, our destructive industrialized agricultural system with its resultant widespread obesity and other health consequences, chemical pollution of our environment, social injustice, not to mention war, political deadlock and the current economic crisis. 

The obvious answer to me on a personal level is to live sustainably with a carbon footprint of zero. I'll be adding information about what that means to me. I've tried to incorporate many of the principles of living sustainably into my own life. This web site is about my efforts in that direction. 

Because I am so concerned about the effects of industrialized agriculture on our environment, I grow as much of my own produce as I can manage, and mostly buy organic for the rest of my food. Also I have cut way back on meat. Growing my own produce saves me a little money and gardening is great exercise. Soon this web site will link to stories about my efforts toward growing and living on produce I grow myself. 

My response to global warming is to save energy as much as I can, in as many ways as I can think of and afford. For example, I have a clothes line in my carport and dry my clothes there, instead of using my dryer. That saves a little money, and some pounds of CO2 are saved from polluting our atmosphere. I will add more information on my efforts to save energy, and the reasoning behind my choices. I also actively and routinely contact relevant public officials at the local, state and federal levels, to urge implementation of progressive, sustainable public policy, especially energy policy. 

This web site will contain information relative to living sustainably in Northern California, in the hills east of San Francisco Bay. I will include progressive resources, links to organizations with policies backed up by serious, peer reviewed scientific research, and some information on why I think it important to support progressive policies. 

I also think it important to invest some of my life energy into improving my community, and to that end I tried to start a farmers market in El Sobrante. Unfortunately, my efforts were unsuccessful - the farmers resisted attending another market -  "There are too many markets! I can't make any money!" one said. The link to that project is to your upper right.  I'll post info on any new project there.

My life has been deeply influenced by my ex-husband, James C. Ullrey. If you know me and Jimmy, you know why. I might write a book about it. Here is a link to his web site. 

Copywrite May, 2011